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Anonymous said: haha I don’t think you would need to be worried about whether it would hurt or if you’d pop or explode or whatever. You should probably be worried about your clothes! I hope you’d be wearing stretchy…everything! This is all hypothetical of course but you know what I mean!

haha yeah valid point. gotta say, this is probably the most entertaining series of questions i’ve gotten, so thanks :)

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Anonymous said: LMAO no offense but I'd die laughing if I saw you suddenly start to swell up or inflate! Not in a mean way haha omg sorry

hahaha thanks :P but i guess i’d laugh if it was someone else, too. 

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Anonymous said: I feel like in either scenario it would really SUCK because you'd feel really huge and bloated? lmao wouldn't it be embarrassing?! Imagine if you were in a crowd of people or something??

yeah definitely not a fan of that part. it’d just be awkward in general around a crowd of people…. hahahah

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Anonymous said: HAHA but what if you float away too high and you pop in the atmosphere?? What’s wrong with being blown up into a big fat blueberry? lol

you’d get to see more if you floated away! i think it’d be a nice view (if you don’t think about popping in the atmosphere…)  plus, i just wouldnt want to have people rolling me around. 

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Anonymous said: Ummm excuse me, hi, first of all, you’re really pretty so how dare you. Second, I have a weird WOULD YOU RATHER you should answer! It’s Willy Wonka vs Harry Potter: Would you rather be blown up into a big fat blueberry (like Violet) and be rolled away OR have your body inflated into a big huge balloon and float away helplessly? (a la Aunt Marge) Bonus points if you tell me which scene was better and why :)

hahahahah aww thanks, you’re the best!! also, this is the best question i’ve ever gotten! okay, umm i guess i’d rather blow up & float away like aunt marge because it seems like more fun to float around outside then to have someone roll you everywhere. also i think the aunt marge scene was better in general (mostly because i like harry potter more than willy wonka…) but yeah.. thanks, friend :)

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describes self w/ arctic monkeys lyrics

describes self w/ arctic monkeys lyrics

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new york. june, 2014.

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rather be // clean bandit feat. jesse glynne

if you gave me a chance i would take it
it’s a shot in the dark but i’ll make it

Clean Bandit feat. Jesse GlynneRather Be
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my heart hurts :(

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"While My Guitar Gently Weeps", The Beatles, 1968.

The BeatlesWhile My Guitar Gently Weeps
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“Because there’s nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it’s sent away.”

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The Libertines, Hyde Park London July 2014

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quick i need help which one of these should i make my new profile picture?

make decisions for me pls

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quick i need help which one of these should i make my new profile picture?

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