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today was such a good day at work, like one manager told me how cute i looked, and the hot bartender talked to me again, and all the waitresses are really precious and i love them and we all gossip together, and my other manager must have told me like six times how i was his favorite host even if I’ve only been there for a few weeks, and i think im gonna hang out with one of the servers soon, and yeah just such good things okay 馃槉馃槉馃槉

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knights of cydonia // muse

no one鈥檚 gonna take me alive
the time has come to make things right
you and i must fight for our rights
you and i must fight to survive

MuseKnights of Cydonia
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hold on to your hats, everyone. i’m on tinder now.聽

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Anonymous said: Maybe I’m overthinking this (probably am) but that whole scene where Violet blew up made me so uncomfortable (even now). I think it’s probably because I have this irrational fear of getting fat and here this girl LITERALLY swells up fatter and fatter til she’s completely round. I legit had nightmares! Am I the only one?? I feel so stupid haha but seriously does that make sense? What do you think? :/

hahahah no I totally understand that anxiety towards the scene. it’s pretty uncomfortable to think about, but it’s also so unrealistic so I think you’re good. don’t worry, friend :)

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remember when i watched dead poets society thinking it was gonna be a happy movie…….

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Anonymous said: lmaoooo you would HAVE TO chew some of that gum! I think your reaction to being inflated would be the funniest

hahahahaha I wouldn’t be so amused. this a wild conversation. anyway, who are you, friend?

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Anonymous said: lol why what would you do with some of that gum?? would you chew it? :D

definitely not!

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Anonymous said: haha I just want to say something totally random, I WISH that gum was real! The gum that made Violet swell up into a big fat blueberry, I would use it to make sooooo many girls bloat up all round like her! LMAO MUWAHAHAHAHA

hahahaha so maniacal. no one would hang around you if you kept turning girls into giant blueberries.聽

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Anonymous said: Sucks to be that girl dressed up all pretty in a crop top and a skirt when her body suddenly starts inflating like a big balloon/blueberry

hahaha I guess that would suck. good thing I don’t realistically have to worry about it!

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Anonymous said: haha I don’t think you would need to be worried about whether it would hurt or if you’d pop or explode or whatever. You should probably be worried about your clothes! I hope you’d be wearing stretchy…everything! This is all hypothetical of course but you know what I mean!

haha yeah valid point. gotta say, this is probably the most entertaining series of questions i’ve gotten, so thanks :)

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Anonymous said: LMAO no offense but I'd die laughing if I saw you suddenly start to swell up or inflate! Not in a mean way haha omg sorry

hahaha thanks :P but i guess i’d laugh if it was someone else, too.聽

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Anonymous said: I feel like in either scenario it would really SUCK because you'd feel really huge and bloated? lmao wouldn't it be embarrassing?! Imagine if you were in a crowd of people or something??

yeah definitely not a fan of that part. it’d just be awkward in general around a crowd of people…. hahahah

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Anonymous said: HAHA but what if you float away too high and you pop in the atmosphere?? What’s wrong with being blown up into a big fat blueberry? lol

you鈥檇 get to see more if you floated away! i think it鈥檇 be a nice view (if you don’t think about popping in the atmosphere…) 聽plus, i just wouldnt want to have people rolling me around.聽

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Anonymous said: Ummm excuse me, hi, first of all, you’re really pretty so how dare you. Second, I have a weird WOULD YOU RATHER you should answer! It’s Willy Wonka vs Harry Potter: Would you rather be blown up into a big fat blueberry (like Violet) and be rolled away OR have your body inflated into a big huge balloon and float away helplessly? (a la Aunt Marge) Bonus points if you tell me which scene was better and why :)

hahahahah aww thanks, you’re the best!! also, this is the best question i鈥檝e ever gotten! okay, umm i guess i鈥檇 rather blow up & float away like aunt marge because it seems like more fun to float around outside then to have someone roll you everywhere. also i think the aunt marge scene was better in general (mostly because i like harry potter more than willy wonka鈥) but yeah.. thanks, friend :)

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describes self w/ arctic monkeys lyrics

describes self w/ arctic monkeys lyrics

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