the middle of adventure is such a perfect place

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basically last night

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bang b-b-bang, go! 馃挜

bang b-b-bang, go! 馃挜

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tommy trash 馃寑 (at SoundGarden Hall)

tommy trash 馃寑 (at SoundGarden Hall)

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i called my mom this morning to tell her about my week & she started telling me how ive accomplished so much even though im only twenty and how she could never have done what ive done and how proud she is of me and now i can’t stop crying because i love my mom so much.

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i was really cute & really high last night 馃槡馃挩

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our artsy octopus’ garden 馃悪

our artsy octopus’ garden 馃悪

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we’re supposed to be working on a group project, but we’ve started drinking wine instead so now we’re tipsy and nothings getting done.

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"The only thing worse than a boy who hates you: a boy that loves you."
-Markus Zusak,聽The Book Thief (via feellng)
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the lyrics “except you’re still just a mile away / but there’s nothing left to say” kind of broke me a little

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i don鈥檛 know who i am anymore

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Extended version of 鈥10 Lovers鈥, a amazing song by The Black Keys. That version is only present in Vinyl copies.

The Black Keys10 Lovers (Extended Vinyl Version)
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o children // nick cave and the bad seeds

hey, little train, wait for me
was held in chains but now i鈥檓 free
i鈥檓 hanging in there, don鈥檛 you see
in this process of elimination

Nick Cave and the Bad SeedsO Children
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it鈥檚 noon why am i still drunk from last night

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Limited run (100) poster commemorating the August 7, 2014 Arctic Monkeys show at Staples Center 
Available here


Limited run (100) poster commemorating the聽August 7, 2014聽Arctic Monkeys show at Staples Center聽

Available here

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